Spa Resorts And 24 Hour Spa Services

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Visiting a spa resort can be a highly refreshing experience for those who have a busy work schedule. In a place like Singapore, enjoying a weekend at a spa resort can help you in alleviating your stress levels and improving your overall physical wellbeing. Although there are several spa and massage services in the city, choosing an elite spa resort can help you in enjoying various spa treatments in the serenity of a natural environment. Most of the spa resorts are located in places that are far away from the din of the crowded towns and traffic lanes.  Besides getting a relaxing spa treatment, a spa resort can offer you a wide range of luxurious services like Jacuzzi baths, special buffet dinners, exotic swimming pools and more. Most of the elite spa centers offer 24 hour service that allows the members to indulge in their favorite treatments even during the night hours. During holiday seasons, spa resorts also provide different types of spa packages and massage promotion offers like discounts for new members or free facial treatments along with massage sessions.

Traditional spa treatment services

  • Chinese massage therapies are one of the major traditional spa treatments that are offered by several reputed spa centers and clinics. It is a scientific treatment technique that requires lots of expertise. Most of the spas employ Chinese therapists in providing this special treatment for the customers.
  • Thai massage has been yet another traditional treatment offered by a majority of the spas in Asia. It is an ancient scientific treatment method which originated in Thailand. The treatment is provided by stretching, pulling, compressing, and rocking various body parts.
  • Chinese meridian therapy is a special treatment technique which is practiced by applying pressure along the energy lines or the “meridians” of our body. The treatment regularizes the flow of energy and thereby corrects a wide range of health problems.