How To Get The Best Quality Jojoba Oil And How To Use It?

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The best quality Jojoba oil is the one that is unrefined and raw. For the extraction of oil from the nuts of Jojoba, various types of methods are like

  • Cold pressed

Here the seed is pressed by a machine at the temperature of approximately 110 degree Fahrenheit.

  • Expeller pressed

It is just like the cold pressed process, the only difference in this process of extraction of oil is over 110 degree Fahrenheit temperature is used to extract the oil from the seed.

In both processes, the cold press is better as it uses less temperature. Less temperature means, the nutrients of oil has not been destroyed.

Other than these two processes, all oil extracted following all other process of extraction are not a good quality oil like the solvent extraction process, refined process, mineral oil. All these processes add impurity in the oil, making it harmful for skin, hair and health.

How to use the jojoba oil?

Now in Singapore, when a good quality oil is purchased, then the time comes from its use. The oil should be used properly to avoid wastage and receive all its benefits.

The Jojoba oil has the texture of wax with a very less melting point. Thus, if more than the required amount of oil is taken for the massage, then it will sit on the skin and will not get absorbed.

The best way to use it is, take one or two drops of oil in palm of hand and gently mix it. After that it can be applied on the body. It is a non-greasy oil, so it will not give the feeling of oil being spread on the skin, but will give the feeling of smoothness when the skin will be touched after applying it.