What Is The Eligibility Criteria For Bariatric Surgery?

bariatric surgery singapore

People who have heavy body try all different types of tricks to reduce their weight. The tricks include from dieting to exercising and taking some supplements as well. But, they are unable to lose their weight and thus move to the option of Bariatric Surgery. The reasons why tricks do not work for them are:

  • In Singapore, the obese people often have a sweet tooth and they are less determined when it comes to leaving food. Thus, after following the diet food for some days, they start feeling the same crave and their diet program ends with no result.
  • The obese people find it hard to do the exercise. And even doctors do not recommend them to do more exercise, as increased body weight puts more pressure on the organs and this could even lead to organ failure.
  • They are unable to lose weight with the help of weight loss health drinks. This is because, either they did not like the taste of weight loss drinks or they could not control their appetite after taking the drinks and eat food after taking the drinks.

Thus, the only option remains with them for losing weight is undergoing the Bariatric Surgery. In this surgery the stomach of the obese person is made small performing different types of operation. Thus, after the surgery, the person does not feel the hunger and food craving like before.

Eligibility criteria for the Bariatric surgery

The only criteria for this surgery are that the BMIL of person should remain between 35 to 40. Moreover, an obese person can take the advice from the surgeon of this field to know more about the conditions. Doctors after thoroughly monitoring the condition of the patient confirms, whether the person can go through this surgery process or not.

Things You Need To Know About Gastric Bypass Surgery

gastric bypass surgery

Today, we have so many weight loss procedures and programs unlike before. When it comes to sleeve gastrectomy surgery, it is indeed an expensive surgery. But we have to agree to the fact that it is one of the most reliable and safe weight loss procedures out there. It is one of the newest procedures. And it can be performed only when you have a body mass index above 50. If you have health complications like anemia, then this is the right procedure you can think of. Gastric bypass surgery is able to reduce the amount of food that can be eaten. Gastric bypass surgery is getting more popular these days.

Learning more about gastric bypass surgery

  • It is documented that you will be able to lose up to 35% of your initial body weight with gastric bypass surgery.
  • Gastric bypass surgery is usually performed under an anesthetic. It’s also done under laparoscopy.
  • The surgeon will make 4-5 tiny lacerations in your abdomen.
  • Several instruments and the camera then inserted into your body.
  • This camera will be used to take the pictures of the inner parts of your body.
  • These images will help the surgeons to establish the areas where they can do the stapling.
  • After the surgery is done, you will be allowed only to drink water for the first 24 hours. Doctors insist on this to ensure that you don’t experience any digestion complications.
  • Once the 24 hour period is passed, you will be on a liquid diet for the next couple of days.
  • After this, you will be allowed to take semi-solid foods until you can go back to your normal diet.
  • The biggest issue with a surgery like this is that you cannot reverse it.

This procedure is getting popular

As you can imagine, this procedure is getting really popular in Singapore as we speak. Many people prefer this procedure in Singapore considering the fact that top medical professionals are assisting this procedure in major hospitals.

How To Demystify Gastroscopy?

gastroscopy singapore

Well, let’s try to demystify gastroscopy. We should see how we can prepare for gastroscopy. Gastroscopy Singapore is also referred to as Upper GI endoscopy. In the case of upper abdominal distension, heartburn, upper abdominal pain, etc. this procedure will be helpful. It is also being used to investigate problems like belching, vomiting, problems with swallowing, suspected bleeding in the upper gut etc.

Let’s demystify gastroscopy in Singapore

  • As a preparation for gastroscopy, you are supposed to fast 6 hours prior to the procedure.
  • In case there are allergies or medications you take, you have to discuss it with your doctor before the procedure gets started.
  • You will have to share details about your past and present medical illness with your doctor.
  • Certain medical conditions and medicines can make this procedure more difficult. It can be even dangerous in that case. Therefore, it is really important to share the details with your doctor before the procedure.
  • Problems related to anesthesia and past operations also need to be shared with your doctor. The procedure will be smoother if you share all these important details with your doctor.
  • You will be asked to wear a gown on the day of your procedure.
  • You will be placed on an operation table which can be lowered or elevated.
  • The attendants will help you in lying on your left side.
  • During the procedure, they will put up a needle in your arm for intravenous access. Sedative drugs will be given this way to make sure that the procedure is easily tolerable for you.
  • The good thing about these drugs is that they will make you forget about the procedure as well.

It’s not a complicated procedure

It’s not a complicated procedure as such and you will find many good doctors who are capable of performing it in Singapore. The best thing about Singapore is that quality healthcare is always available.

Understanding Back Pain Treatment

back pain treatment

Today it has been proven that there are various types of back pain treatment available for everyone. They may range from self-medication to those prescribed by doctors. For self-treatment, there are many that you can choose from. These are categorized broadly into two chiropractic treatment and physiotherapy. Back pain may simply start as a mild pain in one’s back but there are times when they stay longer and often this happens in severe cases. For you to ensure of better back pain treatments, you have to understand well the causes and the problems of this pain.

What Usually Happens When Back Pain Strikes

During the onset of back pain, we often choose the right treatment to cure the pain. There are those who choose the immediate solution for it. And because this is the usual case and because the mind may wander regarding the next move, it’s likely that we find ourselves looking for the next option to help take away the pain rapidly. There are many who go to the physicians right away just to relieve themselves of the pain. There are even those who visit the chiropractor to enable spine manipulation which is one way to address back pain.

Determining the Back Pain Treatment

Back pain varies from one person to the next. That means that the treatment applied on it is not the same for all people. There are some commonalities though. All sufferers of back pain experience pain on their neck, shoulders, and the spine. Back pain is treated based on the body part that is affected most. For instance, lower back pain is often treated with chiropractic treatment. It’s known to be the most effective but the effects may only happen after a long time of therapy.

There are those who need back pain relief immediately. For this type of back ache treatment, the patient has to consult a spine consultant. While into it, painkillers can be prescribed for medication and everything has to be monitored. Back aches are usually caused by poor posture especially when sleeping and also because of bad sitting. That’s why patients are oftentimes encouraged to improve their posture.


The Right Spine Specialist to Go to

spine specialist singapore

When you suffer from back pain, you usually start with a primary care provider which can be a medical doctor, doctor osteopathic medicine, or a chiropractor. When the patient’s back pain is resistant to initial back pain treatment it may be needed to seek the services of a spine specialist Singapore.

Spine specialist in Singapore

There are three broad groups of health providers who are known to treat back pain:

  • Primary care providers are the first stop for patients who suddenly suffer from backache. These professionals generally include primary care physicians such as family doctors, gynecologists, pediatricians, internists, etc. Chiropractors and doctors of osteopathic medicine are also included.
  • Spine specialists on the other hand have a more specific area of concern when it comes to diagnosis and treatment prescription for back pain and spinal conditions. Examples of these are surgeons, anesthesiologists, rheumatologists, physiatrists, etc.
  • Therapists are those who are experts in occupational therapy and rehabilitation for back pain and also for psychological help in case of chronic pain. These professionals include occupational therapists, physical therapists, and clinical psychologists.

Primary Care Providers

Back pain is a common condition. Primacy care providers often have the extensive knowledge when it comes to treating lower back pain and even muscle strains. They are known to provide non-invasive approach to the pain. They also prescribe medicines that help reduce the pain and inflammation. They also often prescribe the services of physical therapists who assist in the maintenance of motion and muscle tone. They usually prescribe various spinal diagnostic procedures. This will help in investigating further the possible cause of persistent back pain and neck pain.


These professionals diagnose and also treat back pain and neck pain. They are also considered primary care providers who are among the first line of professionals patients visit when they experience back pain. Chiropractors are also known as chiropractic doctors who diagnose and treat patients whose problems are associated with nervous, skeletal, and muscular systems including the spine.

There are some chiropractors who specialize in neurology, internal disorders, orthopedics, sports injuries, and also diagnostic imaging.

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO)

Osteopathic medicine or doctors of osteopathic medicine diagnose and treat all types of back-related injuries and illnesses.

What A Postnatal Confinement Nanny Can Do For You?

breast massage singapore

It is needless to mention that, mothers post delivery will be very weak both physically and mentally. So, someone should be there to pamper her. We cannot say that, all the time, a family member can back up a new mother. But, a new mother needs assistance of someone until she feels well and can able to do her tasks on her own. If that is the case, the new mother has to hire the postnatal confinement nanny. But if it is the first time you are going to become a mother and you are asked to hire a nanny, then you may not know what kind of services the nanny can provide you. Of course, the nannies in Singapore will provide many things. First of all, she can schedule the foods that you have to take and the foods that you do not have to take. As well, she will cook for you. She will do all the laundry works for you. She will help you at the night time feedings and changing the diaper for your baby.  If a nanny can offer you these things, why do not you hire her? Of course, you can hire her.

What is tradition confinement food?

  • You might have come across post delivery mothers do concentrate a lot on their foods. Since, they cannot eat whatever they want to eat.
  • Rather, they have to eat the traditional foods that can help them recover faster.
  • A new mother may undergo anemia, back aches, hair loss, fatigue, wind in the body and more. So, she has to take foods that can lessen these issues.
  • A new mother is prone to blood lose too. So, it is advisable to take foods that enhance her blood capacity.
  • Undergo breast massage to soother your breasts.

The Risk Factors Of Cervical Pain

cervical pain singapore

The greatest risk factor associated with cervical pain and cervical spondylosis is aging. This pain often develops as a result of changes in the joints of the neck as the body ages. The herniation of the discs, dehydration and the spurs on the bone are all the results of aging, but this does not guarantee that one who is young would not face this type of pain at all. One can find some specialized clinics that offers superb treatment of the cervical pain Singapore giving the people a great sigh of relief.

The risk factors associated with cervical pain in Singapore

There are several other risk factors associated with cervical pain other than the aging that is as mentioned below.

  • First and foremost, any kind of injuries of the neck can increase the chances of the cervical pain or cervical spondylosis to a great extent.
  • Several activities that relate to the work or profession, such as heavy lifting such as construction work or a professional who requires sitting at the computer screen for the long duration of time at a stretch. This might result in the significant amount of increase of the risk factor of the cervical pain.
  • If the neck is held in uncomfortable positions for prolonged period of time or repeating the same neck movements repetitively causes wear and tear to the tissues in the region of the neck which highly increases the chances of developing the pain in the neck regions.
  • Any kinds of genetic factor can play an important role in the development of the pain. Suppose one has a family history of cervical spondylosis has a much higher chance of developing the same as compared to the other whose family do not have any similar history.
  • Obesity can increase the chances of getting the pain and also be inactive adds to the development of the pain.

What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Back Pain?

back pain singapore

A symptom is something that is felt or reported by the patients, but a sign is something that the other people detects or sees such as the doctor detects a sigh of a disease. For example, we can say that a pain me to be a symptom, but rash on the body is a sign. The main symptom of back pain is any kind of ache or pain anywhere in the back and sometimes even way down to the legs passing through the buttocks. There might be cases of pain in the back that cause pain in other parts of the body as well, which depends on the nerves that are affected.

Understanding the signs and symptoms of back pain in Singapore

In the cases where the back pain Singapore is not very severe and long lasting the signs or the symptoms gradually vanishes within a short period of time, but when the signs and the symptoms stays for a long duration of time and the pain becomes more acute one needs to consider treatment immediately to avoid further problems in the future. The treatment for this pain in Singapore is one of the best with all the modern techniques available for the correct diagnosis. The signs and symptoms of pain in the back are as follows.

  • Any inflammation or swelling on the back.
  • Pain down the legs and it reaches below the knees.
  • Persistent pain in the back and lying down is of no help at all.
  • The temperature of the body is elevated.
  • Any feelings of numbness around the genitals, anus or the buttocks.
  • Any kind of recent injury, trauma or blow to the back.
  • Uncontrollable and unintentional discharge of urine or fecal matter.
  • Facing any difficulty in passing of urine or it becomes painful at times.

Waste Disposal Management Helps Keep The Environment Clean

Hospital services Singapore also have the responsibility of keeping the environment clean from toxins and pollution apart from curing patients. Every hospital disposes waste on a daily basis. This contains non hazardous as well as infectious, hazardous waste. The hospital authorities only contact companies that deal with waste disposal management companies that carefully sort this waste. Singapore is a developed island city and the government of this city takes all precautions to keep the environment green. Medical services can be availed even outside hospitals. Nursing homes and other medical facilities to send volunteers and assistants to the home of patients who do not have anyone else taking care of them. Pharmaceutical marketing Singapore companies advertise many energy brands and products that provide daily nutrition to the body through their products.

Pharmaceutical marketing in Singapore for healthcare and dietary pills

Losing weight is one of the most common goals that are followed by people of any age. Diet pills that are organic and FDA approved have no side effects. They are also effective as long as the person follows a strict diet and an exercise regime. Diet pills are not miracle pills to lose weight. Most of the people make the mistake of not following a diet and get disappointed when the pills do not show up their effect on the body. Binging on greasy and junk food and taking diet pills is an ineffective way of using them. Though, most of these pills do not require a prescription, you can still take precautions if you experience any side effects.

Medical services for frequent travelers

Medical cover for expenses is a part of travel insurance cover for any of the medical expenses that can be covered when you are travelling. Medical assistance also includes help from nursing homes for senior citizens and patients who are treated at home. Those who are underprivileged are provided with free medical checkups. This helps in reducing health ailments in the population. For a healthy living, regular medical checkups are essential.

Your Doctors for Cervical Pain in Singapore

Are you experiencing cervical pain in Singapore? Then it would be advisable to undergo treatments with highly able doctors. The success of your procedures will greatly rely on the competency of your health professionals. This is why it’s just necessary for you to consider the top qualities which make a top tier doctor who treats cervical pain Singapore.

Qualities choosing your potential specialists for cervical pain in Singapore

Degree and training

Surely, you will need a doctor who’s highly trained to treat cervical pain in Singapore. See the thoroughness of training they’ve had in relation to your condition. One way of doing so is through looking at their profiles. For instance, a top tier specialist of cervical pain in Singapore may have trained internationally. There are some who have had their practice in hospitals at Australia and the United Kingdom.

Another basic degree which an expert has would be in Pain Medicine. If you are one believer of ancient treatments such as acupuncture, it would be a plus if your potential doctor is actually a Registered Acupuncturist.


Years of experience and practice would also be necessary when it comes to choosing your expert of cervical pain in Singapore. How much have they actually handled when it comes to diagnosing and treating patients, can be telling of how they will be handling their condition. Being in well-experienced and expert hands can be reassuring when it comes to finally alleviating the pain you’re experiencing.

Look through their affiliations

Practitioners usually gather in forums to talk about breakthroughs and their methods when it comes to handling cervical pain in Singapore. If your potential doctor is well exposed to various associations, then you’ll most likely have an expert who can source out the best possible options on your conditions. This means should he further need assistance or advise from his fellows, he can readily ask for it, so you can be rendered with the most effective treatment.

Check their publications

In the field of medicine, doctors who usually get published by top journals are more likely experienced and esteemed. See your specialist’s depth of knowledge ad approach when it comes to treating cervical pain in Singapore.

These mentioned qualities should serve as our starting point when it comes to picking a specialist of cervical pain in Singapore. Feel free to further list up your preferences, so you can wisely choose your doctor very soon.

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