Benefits Of Pre Natal Massage In Singapore

The best and safest way to ensure proper health of the would-be mother and the baby inside is to avail pre natal massage in the professional parlors of Singapore. The baby inside the womb will grow and take a formidable size in the third trimester. The mother will find it hard to cooperate with the increased weight. She will get easily exhausted to maintain proper balance every time. Her legs and hip joints will be stiff and the muscles will cramp. This is where a professional massage service is needed.

Healing with pre natal massage in Singapore

The only safest way to ensure rejuvenation and relaxation for a mother without involving any chemical or medicine is via this type of massage. The professional masseuse is well-trained and highly experienced in this case. She will know the exact points where the mother needs to be relieved. The reasons why a pre natal massage Singapore will prove to be very beneficial for a mother are mentioned below.

  • Focusing on the exact muscles and joints in order to bust stress and discomfort in only possible with the trained hands of a masseuse. The well-being of the other will not be harmed. The postures will also keep the baby safe and relaxed.
  • Common discomforts for a mother in her third trimester will be aptly taken care of. The muscles will be relaxed due to the release of endorphins. They will get stronger and more flexible to handle the elevated body weight easily.
  • Blood circulation will be promoted which will aid in elevating the immunity of the mother. The hormonal balance will be restored and the mother will be able to sleep properly at night.
  • The massage session will work like a mood elevator. Relaxing the entire body will automatically elevate the mood by removing stress, anxiety, and depression.

The pre natal massage from a professional masseuse in Singapore will be the ideal way for a mother to relax and have a deep sleep.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria For Bariatric Surgery?

bariatric surgery singapore

People who have heavy body try all different types of tricks to reduce their weight. The tricks include from dieting to exercising and taking some supplements as well. But, they are unable to lose their weight and thus move to the option of Bariatric Surgery. The reasons why tricks do not work for them are:

  • In Singapore, the obese people often have a sweet tooth and they are less determined when it comes to leaving food. Thus, after following the diet food for some days, they start feeling the same crave and their diet program ends with no result.
  • The obese people find it hard to do the exercise. And even doctors do not recommend them to do more exercise, as increased body weight puts more pressure on the organs and this could even lead to organ failure.
  • They are unable to lose weight with the help of weight loss health drinks. This is because, either they did not like the taste of weight loss drinks or they could not control their appetite after taking the drinks and eat food after taking the drinks.

Thus, the only option remains with them for losing weight is undergoing the Bariatric Surgery. In this surgery the stomach of the obese person is made small performing different types of operation. Thus, after the surgery, the person does not feel the hunger and food craving like before.

Eligibility criteria for the Bariatric surgery

The only criteria for this surgery are that the BMIL of person should remain between 35 to 40. Moreover, an obese person can take the advice from the surgeon of this field to know more about the conditions. Doctors after thoroughly monitoring the condition of the patient confirms, whether the person can go through this surgery process or not.

How To Choose The Best Spa In Jurong West?

Jurong spa

If you are planning to visit the spa with your family, you should ensure that the spa serves both men and women. Only few professional spas offer such facilities and you can find them easily in Singapore. Most of them will also have their own web portals making it easy for you to access their contact numbers and other details about the spa. In this way, you can easily make the booking for your massage and other services after going through the entire list of services mentioned in the website. This will give you a fair idea about the services offered in the spa and you can easily book your appointment for the massage services. You have to understand that there are many varieties of therapies available and each one is suited for a particular health issue. In this regard, the best thing you can do is to check with the service providers for the services available and choose the best one that matches with your requirements. They will also suggest the best massage therapy suited for your body and you can get a comfortable and relaxing massage at the spa.

Advantages of unisex spa

  • The biggest advantage you get with such spas is that you can save lots of time as there is no need to visit multiple spas to get massage services for your family.
  • Everyone in the family can make a visit to the same spa at once, which will save you both time and money.
  • The best Jurong spa will also offer good discount occasionally and you can choose them whenever they are available and get to save lots of money.
  • Apart from that, you will even be able to choose the massage that is suited for your health issue and this will give you a relaxing feeling after the therapy is completed.

How A Postnatal Confinement Nanny Can Help?

postnatal confinement nanny

There are numerous responsibilities to take up when a newborn is brought into a household. The mother is exhausted after the delivery process and needs to rest and recuperate. At the same time she needs to breastfeed her baby successfully which takes some practice and getting used to. New born babies have erratic sleeping hours which can disturb the sleeping pattern of the parents. For all such requirements, it is necessary to get experienced help as a postnatal confinement nanny can provide.

Duties of a postnatal confinement nanny

When you assign a postnatal confinement nanny in Singapore there are certain duties that you can expect her to performing:

  • Taking care of an infant with respect to bathing, putting the baby to sleep, massaging and changing diapers.
  • Taking care of the mother with respect to aiding her in breast feeding the baby.
  • Helping with household chores.
  • Helping with the washing and sanitizing the environment where the baby and mother are.

The above list is a broad guideline of what is expected of an experienced nanny. Usually such an experienced person is able to take care of the infant and relieve the mother of several duties. When the mother has fed the baby such an individual can put the baby to sleep. They can give a bath to a newborn following the right precautions and sanitize the baby items of use like feeding bottles, clothing and baby pad or crib.

An experienced postnatal confinement nanny can help new parents to understand symptoms of distress in the newborn. Often a newborn has colic problems whose signs are easily read by such an experienced person. They are able to massage the baby to help relieve such symptoms; they can also alert parents if something is amiss in an infant’s health. They also help new mothers recover faster and maintain a healthy diet and regimen.

When Do You Need To Visit The Spine Specialist?

spine specialist singapore

There are people that suffer from daunting back pains, but suffering from back pain does not mean that, they have to take the surgeries. If you think like that, I would say that, you are extremely mistaken. The reason is that, one can get different types of pains and different levels of pains, but it is always advisable to seek for the medical help. There are people that will try to resolve their back pain with the assistance of the pain balms. It is a good idea, but if your pain is a normal pain, the usage of pain balms will work. If your back pain is not a normal one, you have no other options than visiting a spine specialist. People usually do not want to take surgery at all, despite their body issues. They all want to cure their disorders with the help of the tablets. If that is the case with you, you have to visit the spine doctor at the earliest rather waiting for your pain to disappear naturally. The more you delay, the more you have, the chances of undergoing spine surgery. Visit the spine doctors in Singapore and get the right treatment to resolve your issues.

What kind of advise you can get from the spine surgeon?

  • Besides getting right kind of treatment for your spine issues, the spine doctor will advise you regarding what kind of posture you have to maintain when walking and sitting and this will be helpful to you to not experience the back pain in the future days.
  • Also, they will explain why you are getting frequent back pains. Once, you would come to know the reason of your back pain, and then you can do something to reduce the cause.
  • The orthopaedic clinic also helps the patients to resolve their back pain with non-surgical methods.

What Is Jojoba Oil And What Are Its Benefits?

jojoba oil singapore

The Jojoba oil is a carrier oil that is extracted from the American shrub nuts. The nuts of Jojoba have been used by the tribes of Native America. The tribes used to use the paste of Jojoba nut to care of their skin and hair. They used to use the entire nut as food for survival at the time of emergencies.

Unlike the other vegetable oils, the oil of Jojoba is unique, this is because, its texture closely resembles with the sebum the waxy substance that is found in the glands of human skin, thus it act as a skin conditioner. After the introduction of this oil in the cosmetic industry, it almost replaced the use of animal fats in the manufacturing creams and lotions.

In the raw form, the Jojoba oil has a nutty smell and its color is clear golden, but if refined oil of Jojoba is checked, then it is completely odorless,

The Jojoba oil has a texture of wax with a very low melting point, this is the reason that it remains in the liquid state, but do not give the feeling of greasy, just like other natural oils. This characteristic of this oil makes it the most popular massage oil.

How to buy jojoba oil in Singapore?

This is a very popular oil and one would not find it difficult to get this oil from massage centers and the stores that sell beauty products. It is easily available there. Moreover, it can be purchased online as well.

However, it is important to check the content and composition of oil and the extraction process followed to take out oil before buying it. This is because; the chances of buying the impure or adulterated oil remain very high when purchasing is done online.

What Do You Need To Know About Taking Tradition Confinement Food?

breast massage singapore

If you are a new mother, then you must concentrate a lot on your food habits. Since, eating whatever you want will never pave the way to your good health. So, you must take care of the foods that you are going to consume after your delivery period. You have to consume foods that will be helpful for your milk production and health regain. But you need someone to help you after your delivery period. Since, you might lose 75% percentage of blood and more health post delivery. So, you cannot cook for you right after you come back home, no matter, either you cook normal foods or tradition foods. This is where you need to hire nannies that can look after you post delivery. If you spare some time, you can find many companies in Singapore that contain experienced and professional nannies. Among that, you have to reckon hiring the postnatal confinement nanny. If you do hire the nanny, then you do not have to worry about eating the tradition foods as the nannies will cook the traditional foods and serve you at the right time.

How to choose the postnatal confinement nanny?

  • When you are about to choose the nanny, you have to reckon two important factors.
  • First of all, you have to hire the nanny that can do the jobs as per your instructions. Since, letting the nanny do whatever she wants will not be helpful to you in most cases.
  • Secondly, you have to explain to the nanny about the duties she may be asked to do either sooner or later. That is, duties like answering the door, outside play, gardening and more are something a nanny may or may not be asked to do.
  • The new mothers can take breast massage to feel the comfort in their breasts.

What A Postnatal Confinement Nanny Can Do For You?

breast massage singapore

It is needless to mention that, mothers post delivery will be very weak both physically and mentally. So, someone should be there to pamper her. We cannot say that, all the time, a family member can back up a new mother. But, a new mother needs assistance of someone until she feels well and can able to do her tasks on her own. If that is the case, the new mother has to hire the postnatal confinement nanny. But if it is the first time you are going to become a mother and you are asked to hire a nanny, then you may not know what kind of services the nanny can provide you. Of course, the nannies in Singapore will provide many things. First of all, she can schedule the foods that you have to take and the foods that you do not have to take. As well, she will cook for you. She will do all the laundry works for you. She will help you at the night time feedings and changing the diaper for your baby.  If a nanny can offer you these things, why do not you hire her? Of course, you can hire her.

What is tradition confinement food?

  • You might have come across post delivery mothers do concentrate a lot on their foods. Since, they cannot eat whatever they want to eat.
  • Rather, they have to eat the traditional foods that can help them recover faster.
  • A new mother may undergo anemia, back aches, hair loss, fatigue, wind in the body and more. So, she has to take foods that can lessen these issues.
  • A new mother is prone to blood lose too. So, it is advisable to take foods that enhance her blood capacity.
  • Undergo breast massage to soother your breasts.

Spa Resorts And 24 Hour Spa Services

massage promotion singapore

Visiting a spa resort can be a highly refreshing experience for those who have a busy work schedule. In a place like Singapore, enjoying a weekend at a spa resort can help you in alleviating your stress levels and improving your overall physical wellbeing. Although there are several spa and massage services in the city, choosing an elite spa resort can help you in enjoying various spa treatments in the serenity of a natural environment. Most of the spa resorts are located in places that are far away from the din of the crowded towns and traffic lanes.  Besides getting a relaxing spa treatment, a spa resort can offer you a wide range of luxurious services like Jacuzzi baths, special buffet dinners, exotic swimming pools and more. Most of the elite spa centers offer 24 hour service that allows the members to indulge in their favorite treatments even during the night hours. During holiday seasons, spa resorts also provide different types of spa packages and massage promotion offers like discounts for new members or free facial treatments along with massage sessions.

Traditional spa treatment services

  • Chinese massage therapies are one of the major traditional spa treatments that are offered by several reputed spa centers and clinics. It is a scientific treatment technique that requires lots of expertise. Most of the spas employ Chinese therapists in providing this special treatment for the customers.
  • Thai massage has been yet another traditional treatment offered by a majority of the spas in Asia. It is an ancient scientific treatment method which originated in Thailand. The treatment is provided by stretching, pulling, compressing, and rocking various body parts.
  • Chinese meridian therapy is a special treatment technique which is practiced by applying pressure along the energy lines or the “meridians” of our body. The treatment regularizes the flow of energy and thereby corrects a wide range of health problems.

Take The Traditional Oil Massage At Home

traditional oil massage in singapore

Massage is a powerful tool to rejuvenate the body’s positive energy. It it a tool that can be used to remain healthy and charged up. And the good thing is, now giving or taking of the massage is no more restricted only up to the luxury hotels, spas and massage parlors. Instead, it can be taken anytime in a day and anywhere, thanks to the best massage outcall service.

With the help of these service providers, one can take any type of massage in Singapore at any location and also at any time.

Even the most traditional oil massage could be taken in the comfort of home, hotel room or any other place.

How to call the masseur for home massage?

Here it is important to note that, all the professionals in this industry do not offer the home visit service. Only few and renowned one does this. Thus, in-order to avail the service of massage at home, one has to first find the contact number of such service provider.

  • Once the contact number is found, it is the time to book the appointment on call.
  • The masseur will ask for the requirement before giving the conformation. Here, the person has to inform them what type of massage he/she want to have.
  • The masseur gives the visit to the place with the same kit. For e.g. If you ask a masseur to have the traditional oil massage in the house, then she will come only with that kit and will offer massage for same.

This is how the service of massage at home is taken. And as far as the safety is concerned, then it is absolutely safe to call these professionals. They are best at their work and work in a professional manner.

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